About Me

Hey! You clicked to learn more about me?


I’m Gilliane, the runner of this blog! I’m a crafter and love making new things! My name tends to trip people up a lot (Starbucks is always an adventure) because the second I is silent. And that leads to weird and wonderful ways in which people spell it when they hear it.

I mean, it’s super close, I’m not even mad

So here’s a pronunciation guide to help you:

Say “Jill Lane” fast.

And you’ve got it!  Which makes this blog Gilly Gnits with a soft “j” sound Gilly (and not like Gilly Hicks, completely unintentional!) And the G in “Gnits” was just for a visual alliteration.

So how about I share some things about myself?

I live in Southern California and enjoy learning new things! I am a HUGE fan of museums, I love wandering through galleries and marveling at the beauty and history of the world.  I graduated from UC Irvine with a Bachelor’s in European Studies, emphasizing in Early Modern Europe (which spans from the end of the medieval period up until the French Revolution), and minors in Anthropology and Spanish.

The sparkles at the top of the image is glitter. I threw glitter at my graduation ceremony and it was majestic.

I love milk tea. Boba is amazing. I experienced it 10 years ago and have loved it ever since. Living in Los Angeles, there is such a wide variety of options for boba, so I like trying out new places! Let me show you how much I love boba:



This much. I’m hugging the world’s largest cup of boba and I was so happy!

I appreciate new challenges, and have a love/hate relationship with running. I’ve done different running events like mud run obstacles courses, 10ks, color runs, and even a half marathon! I love the challenges that the events present and like pushing myself. I’m looking forward to getting back into running again, since I had gotten lazy and taken the time off when I had braces.

Another ongoing challenge that I enjoy tackling is learning. I think that being a lifetime learner makes you better as a person, constantly pushes you, and keeps you mentally sharper and more engaged. Also, having hobbies is generally fantastic and gives you a ready answer for “So what do you do for fun?”! I’m currently teaching myself French, and I’ll admit that my pronunciation is horrific, mais je peut lire bien (but I can read well). And I’m learning new things all the time when it comes to crafting. Though my mom taught me a little bit of crochet when I was little, I didn’t remember anything beyond chains, so I wound up teaching myself how to crochet with the assistance of the Internet.

Why do I blog?

I blog because the internet is full of delightfully helpful resources and I want to be one of them. I want to help put forth more information out there to my fellow crafters and share my ideas, because what good is all of your education if it isn’t shared with others? I enjoy beautiful things, learning, and teaching others, and still have much more to learn! Come with me on this adventure– I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that we can grow together as both as people and as makers!