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It’s very very hot here in SoCal right now. And it’s going to be hot until basically November, which can make it a tricky situation when it comes to crafting! So if you live in a hotter climate and love crafting, you either bear the heat and make blankets, or you switch up your retinue of crafts with summery things, lighter things! You can have a ton of options, that’s what’s so much fun about crafting!

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The heat can’t catch you if you work faster…right? Well, luckily I have a nice and easy project for you today! It’s my Granny Goes to the Beach Bikini Top! And even easier than that, it’s an applique to place on top of an existing bikini top!

My inspiration for that was that, as much as I love crochet bikini tops–it’s actually what convinced me to pick up hooks and do more in-depth work than simple chains–the problem with lining is always there! So I thought:

“What if I just get a bikini top and make it cuter?”

And that’s where I went!

I went and picked up a few bikini tops over at Walmart, they look like this. I specifically wanted triangle tops, the simpler the better, for this project and these wound up being the ones that I liked the best! They were triangular, they had lining, and forgivingly simple shapes.

[I must note here that I hate HATE shopping for things like swimsuits and bras. The worst. I will admit that I have a very small chest and dislike the way those kinds of things look on me and it’s an ongoing thing but ANYHOW]

I liked these tops, and would highly suggest a triangular top for this project for the applique to work properly!

But, let’s get down to business and make this top happen for you!

[Note: I used a small bikini top because I am a small person. If you’d like to go with a larger size, then still go with a triangular top and add another row or 3 depending on the size of your cup!]

Materials Used:

Triangular bikini top as shown here in this example
Cotton yarn (I used Yarnspirations Lily n Creme in Off White. It’s a huge ball and has lasted me forever)
H Hook
3.5 Hook
Tapestry needle
Small straight edge ruler
Rotary Cutter (click for the Amazon place I got mine from)
Crochet edging blade (I busted a mission looking for these guys and I am so glad for these!)


If you haven’t already, put the crochet edging blade into the rotary cutter–be careful! I had problems with opening my first rotary cutter and the store shipped me a new one free of charge because of a weird mechanism that had broken, and it was very nice of them to do.

Be careful with the blades, they’re sharp and have a light lubricant on them!

Take your bladed cutter and a small ruler (you don’t need a 12-inch ruler for this, too unwieldy) and place even lines of holes along the 3 sides of each triangle cup

I had to take a picture one-handed, so place the ruler a safer distance from the edge and keep it straight between corners

Feel free with the bottom triangles to stretch it a bit because of the ruching so you can get a cleaner and straighter line!

Making Your Triangles (make 2)

With H hook and your cotton yarn, ch 4, slip stitch to form a circle

Round 1: Ch 3, 2 Dc, ch 3, 3 Dc, ch 3, ch 1, slip stitch to top of original ch 3

Round 2: Slip stitch across to ch 3 space, slip stitch into the space and ch 3, 2Dc, ch 3, 3Dc into ch 3 space, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3 Dc] into next ch 3 space, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3 Dc] into next ch 3 space, ch 1 and slip stitch to beginning ch 3

Round 3: Slip stitch across to ch 3 space, slip stitch into the space and ch 3, 2Dc, ch 3, 3 Dc. Ch 1, 3 Dc into Ch 1 space, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3Dc] into ch 3 space, ch 1. 3 Dc into Ch 1 space, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3Dc] into ch 3 space, ch 1, slip stitch to beginning.

Rounds 4-6: Continue with pattern, placing 2 sets of 3Dc into each corner ch 3 space and 1 set of 3Dc into each ch 1 space.

If you are going for a bigger cup, continue from here for the appropriate number of rows for your bikini top

Once you’ve got the appropriate size for your piece, ch 1 and single crochet around the whole cup, and the appropriate number of single crochet stitches for each ch 1 and ch 3 space respectively, slip stitch to your original chain 1

Grab your 3.5mm hook and ch 1. Line up your triangle with the cup of the bikini and single crochet into your top hole. ch 2 to carry around the back of the top, and single crochet into the same hole. Ch 1, slip next stitch and single crochet into the next. Continue this pattern to each corner where you will single crochet, ch 2, and single crochet into the same stitch, carrying the ch 2 behind the corner for your straps to go through. Slip stitch to your original ch 1, bind off and weave in ends.

It’s coming along!

Repeat with your second cup!

Et Voilà you have your bikini top and you’re ready to go!






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Bonus dumb fun:
I have had a tricky time of keeping track of my hooks in the past and accidentally grab the wrong size, which will mess up a project. This project got sidelined for a while when I grabbed the wrong hook and wound up with a wonky cup:


The cup at your left is the wonky one and I got annoyed because it happened all too often! So don’t do what I did!

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