Morning Mist Triangle Scarf

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I’ve been wanting to share this project with y’all for a little while now and I think that this is as good of a time as any! I was strolling along in Michael’s looking at the yarn and trying to feel inspired. I wanted something that was cozy, maybe with some natural fibers in it, but also more in the scarf realm of accessories. I’ve been in love lately with the Virus shawl stitching (I think I am going to make a million of them and store them back for Christmas and birthday presents for people, maybe even throw them up on the Etsy shop), but I wanted to go with some nice basics before I venture into creating patterns of my own with more complex mathematics behind it.

And so I found it. A ball of this super cozy Touch of Alpaca yarn from Lion Brand! I haven’t really worked with an Alpaca yarn before, so I was quite excited for finding a good project for it! I also didn’t want to waste too much time, simply because here in sunny SoCal there is a definite time stamp for warm clothing and accessories and it is usually very brief. I feel for those of you in much colder climates with longer bouts of weather, but here in California they come fast and don’t stay long, which makes it a bit tricky for knitters and crocheters. Venturing into the thick of April, we’re pretty much going to be in summer mode really soon.

(It’s also because of this lack of watery seasons that we have drought issues and fire seasons that last a lot longer than they used to, but hey)



So here’s a project for the tail end of winter weather but can still be used for the chilly days and evenings ahead as Spring wakes up! I’m calling it the Morning Mist Triangle Scarf because it’s such a lovely gray color and the wispiness of the Alpaca yarn really spoke to me. I hope you enjoy!

1 Ball of Lion Brand Yarns Touch of Alpaca
(I used the color Oxford Grey)
I hook (5.5mm)
Tapestry needle


Terms Used (US)
DC = double crochet
ch = chain
trbl = treble crochet
sl st = slip stitch





Starting with a Magic Circle
Row 1: Insert your hook into the middle of the Circle, pulling up the working yarn, and Chain 4. 2 DC into the Circle, ch 1, 3 DC into the Circle

Row 2: Ch 4 and turn, 3 DC into the top of the previous DC, ch 1, [3DC, ch 1, 3DC] into the ch 1 space, ch 1, 3 DC into the 4th chain of the previous row

Rows 3: Ch 4 and turn, 3 DC into the top of the previous DC, ch 1, 3 DC into ch 1 space, ch 1, [3DC, ch 1, 3DC] into the ch 1 space, ch 1, 3 DC into ch 1 space, ch 1, 3 DC into the 4th chain of the previous row

At this point, you’ll see that the combo I’ve labeled “[3DC, ch 1, 3DC] into the ch 1 space” is your center point. From here you’ll build out your triangle, doing 3 DC into every ch 1 and 4th chain of your previous row at the end EXCEPT for the center point where you’ll do the combo.

Do this until you’ve reached 29 rows!

For the scallop edging:

Usually with scallop edging, you have to count more specifically with how many individual stitches until you begin the next scallop, but I think that it is a much easier process with the granny triangle that we’ve got here, since you’re working with the large gaps created by the chain 1 spaces between the granny clusters.

Ch 3, 2 trbl crochet into the first ch 1 gap, sl st into the next ch 1 space, 5 trbl into the next, sl st into the next, and continue until you reach the center ch 1 space
In the center ch 1 space, 3 trbl, ch 1, 3 trbl and sl st into the next ch 1 space.


I really enjoy the simplicity of this scarf even though it might look a bit more complex. The deceptiveness of it is A+! You can whip this scarf up in absolutely no time at all and be ready for a coffee date, like so:


Thank goodness for those fun Snapchat filters, am I right? If you’re digging that sleeve in the picture, it’s my Irish Flag Coffee Sleeve, since I’m a sucker for coffee cozies you know! Alright, time for me to go grab coffee and get back to the yarn. Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!


Until then,



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