Pom Pom Party!

Who loves pom poms?




And I’m sure you do too!


Pom poms are so versatile and a fantastic pop to any project, so they deserve their very own party! Lots of crafters are currently in on the Pom Pom Party, just look over at the Craft Yarn Council, who hosted a Pom-Pom-Along earlier this month. There are so many cute ideas!


But how do you make one of your own? Well, luckily, it’s pretty easy! You have two options: using a Clover Pom Pom maker or creating one by hand, which isn’t nearly as daunting as you might think.


The Clover Pom Pom maker sure does help take a lot of the guesswork out of the process and are incredibly easy to use, which is super helpful! Though, I’ve gotta admit, I didn’t read the instructions and absolutely MANGLED my first attempt at a pom pom because I thought I had to cut the yarn in a different section and it was just an absolute mess–don’t be like me! But they’re actually much easier than my silly self mistook it for:

Image result for opened pom pom maker
from Krystle DeSantos (check out her blog, it’s cute!) Click through!

That’s a really cool and helpful photo to show you how it’s supposed to be done! You can also use cardboard discs for help winding. Another cool one is the video on making tiny pom poms with a fork! They’d be really adorable for baby projects, so keep it in mind! And this is a really intense post on making a giant pom pom in 60 seconds–it’s wild! I don’t personally think I need a pom pom that big, but everybody has different crafting needs, so I had to include it (also because it’s pretty cool).


So you have a ton of options when it comes to pom poms. Their versatility makes them incredibly useful decals for hats, scarves, and so much more! You can find some really cool projects like the following:

A pom pom rug (which ingeniously uses two toilet paper rolls to make the poms!)

diy pom pom rug


Some cute animal ears (from my Animal Headbands post)

Chevron scarf with pom pom detail

Columbia Chevron Super Scarf Pattern by Two of Wands

Or you can even glue them onto party hats and give your hat an extra pop of color!


While I’ve been really busy lately, mostly stressing about intangible stuff, I’m really looking forward to making some new things and the pom pom party has given me just the right kind of push that I needed to get back into the flow of it all! I hope you found this a bit inspirational, I’d love to see all of your pom pom projects on the usual internet places–you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest–and I’ll find you on the #pompomparty!

Until then,


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