Quick Squish Scarves

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Christmas is coming too fast! Doesn’t it feel that way? I thought I had more time, but I guess that’s true of most things. I did a couple of craft fairs this season and the question I was asked most frequently was “Do you have long scarves?” My answer, surprising and unfortunate, was no. I have a love of the circular neck warmers and really didn’t have anything in the way of simple long scarves. You learn something new at each fair!

So I set out to change that and whip up a couple of scarves to change up my stock and run through extra balls of yarn I had that I had decided against the projects I originally planned. If you’re panicked for time and want to make some scarves for the people in your life, this is the perfect option. I worked these two scarves in Loops and Threads Charisma, using 2 balls worked together for extra volume and warmth.

They’re very simple and are fast, super fast, to work up, so if you want that plush goodness–I got you, boo.



2 balls Loops and Threads Charisma
(I used 2 balls of Taupe and 1 of both Red and Charcoal, respectively)

Q hook

Tapestry needle




Working two strands as one, chain 10

Row 1: HDC in 3rd chain from hook, HDC across (8)

Row 2: ch 2, turn. HDC across (8)

Continue repeating Row 2 until you’ve reached your desired length. I kept going until I was close to the end of the yardage for super long scarves.

[If you want a thinner or wider scarf, just make sure to chain an even number and HDC in the 3rd chain 😉]

I did my last row in single crochet, which you just chain 1 and single crochet across.

Bind off and weave in the ends, now you’re ready to throw a ribbon around it or toss it around your neck!

I hope you enjoyed this pattern and, while it’s perfect for your last-minute crafting, it will also be perfect as a nice basic scarf for you to enjoy throughout the year and in a variety of colors. Happy crafting and best of luck with getting everything done!


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