Hey everyone!


Happy New Year!

(It’s not too late to say that, is it??)

Welcome back to the blog, it’s a new year and a new post about my thoughts on the upcoming year, crafting and otherwise. What are your resolutions? It’s okay if you’ve already “broken” them, I’m not judging! You can always get back up on that horse. Haven’t made any yet? That’s ok, too, there’s no rush, you can resolve to do things better whenever you want. That’s kind of the beauty of resolutions, you can do them whenever, they’re just more popular to start at the beginning of a new year. You can start on March 2nd if you want, or August 27th, your resolutions are your own.

I’ve got a wild year already up and running and it isn’t about to slow down anytime soon. 2018 is just going to be a crazy year with getting our new house up and ready and planning our wedding which is set for December–everything is just going to fly fast! But I can’t let go of my favorite things in the melee: yarn. I have to set for myself resolutions to keep in mind and work on them throughout the year, not letting the excuse of other things get in the way of my other goals.

One goal I have is to learn new types of stitches! There is such a wide, vast, variety of stitches that are available to us as crafters and I want to tap into that font more this year. I started toward the end of last year by learning the Arcade Stitch via Wool and the Gang. They shared this helpful tutorial and I went from that to create a scarf. Learning new stitches is a great way to just run through balls and skeins of yarn to complete new and interesting scarves.


I have also learned the Linen Stitch. This is a really great and simple stitch, I’ll definitely be using it for other projects. You can find a thorough explanation of the stitch here. One I have in mind is from Rescued Paws Designs, their Jane Blanket is so beautiful.


Aside from learning new stitches, I’d like to work at being a better blogger: taking pictures, creating more posts on my reviews of yarn I have liked (or disliked), updates on my goals, creating more patterns to share with you! I also need to figure out how subscriptions work, especially with the little pop-up reminder for those who haven’t subscribed (it’s currently in the right-hand sidebar of the blog). Who knew there were so many technical facets to craft blogging?? I’ve been stressed lately, but that is no excuse for my laziness, so I’ll be endeavoring to do better. 2018 is going to be a great year!


What are your goals for the upcoming year? I’d love to hear them! Feel free to share in the comments, as well as via social media. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, let’s connect!


Until then,


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