Bunny Butt Coffee Sleeve



Hey friends!


I have been absolutely awful about getting fresh posts up on the blog. The internet hasn’t been working with me, but that’s okay! Where there’s a will there’s a way, right? And this is my second post today! Check my other one over here! So I’m back to share this adorable quick little project with you: the Bunny Butt Coffee Sleeve!


Isn’t he cute? I know that Easter is literally right around the corner, but this is going to be perfect for the springtime drinks that are coming your way, I just know it. Everyone has been doing the iconic bunny face + ears combo which is so classic and lovely, but I wanted to flip it on its head with this project.


Bunny booty!


And make it a bunny booty instead. I think that it adds this really delightful 3D aspect to the sleeve which gives it that dash of personality. So cheers and bottoms up for this newest coffee sleeve!




Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in Gray Heather
Loops and Threads Charisma yarn in White
K hook 6.5 mm
Clover pom pom maker
Tapestry needle

Terms Used (US)
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
ch = chain




Sleeve Body:

With your Gray yarn and K hook, chain 23 and slip stitch to form a circle, taking care not to twist the chain
Round 1: Ch 1, sc into slip stitch and each chain around, slip stitch into your original ch 1
Rounds 2-7: Repeat Round 1. When completed with your final round, sl st off and weave in those ends!

Bunny Tail:

Craft your bunny tail using the pom pom maker instructions with the White yarn. You can also definitely create the pom pom by hand if that’s your preference! I used the Clover pom pom maker, specifically the green one from this set here. Take your pom and attach it into the middle of your Sleeve, tie it securely and trim off the ends!

Bottoms up!

Have a great weekend, everyone! And a happy (or hoppy) Easter if you celebrate!



Until then,


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Irish Flag Coffee Sleeve

Shout out to IKEA for this awesome impromptu photoshoot setting 😉



Hey there, friends and happy Monday!


I’m back! I have a new pattern and I hope you enjoy it! I’m a fan of St. Patrick’s Day, which is coming up this weekend, and can’t get Irish soda bread off my mind. It’s so delicious–if you haven’t had it, search for it in your local grocery store! They are delicious cold or warm and delightful with butter! But aside from bread, I think it’s a nice little cultural holiday, representative of my own cultural background, and wanted to come up with something fun to celebrate!


If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you already know that I am a HUGE fan of coffee sleeves. I think they are so versatile and I love creating new patterns to personalize my favorite cups of hot goodness–tea and coffee and hot cocoa oh my! Might as well have a different sleeve for every occasion, right? So I thought I’d go back to the drawing board and whip something up with some various colors I have in my possession.


Because coffee sleeves (or cozies) are so versatile, personalizable, and great stash busters, you don’t have to use the same colors that I did. You just need to know that this pattern is worked in worsted weight yarn and I will tell you what yarns I used in case you also have tidbits of those in your own stash! So let’s get to work!



5.0 H hook
Tapestry needle
Red Heart Super Saver in Pumpkin
Red Heart Super Saver in White
Impeccable in Kelly Green


Terms Used (US):

sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
ch = chain
st/sts = stitch/stitches


With hook and Kelly Green, ch 32, and slip stitch to beginning of chain to form a loop, taking care not to twist the chain
Round 1: Ch 1, sc into first chain of base, sc into each stitch around, sl st to beginning ch 1
Rounds 2-3: Ch 1, sc into sl st and all sts around, sl st to beginning chain

Introduce your next color, White, however which way you feel comfortable. I personally feel more comfortable binding off my previous color and then introducing my new color with a slip stitch, though others feel okay with doing their color change as they’re finishing off the last stitch of the previous Round. Go with whatever makes you feel better as a crafter and your confidence level, and start your next round

Round 4: Once your new color is introduced, ch 1, sc into your newly created sl st, sc around and sl st to beginning chain
Rounds 5-6: Ch 1, sc into sl st, sc around to beginning, sl st to beginning chain


Now throw in your final color: Pumpkin. Keep your color change consistent, so whatever you did with your previous change, keep it up!


Rounds 7-9: Ch 1, sc into sl st, sc around to beginning, sl st to beginning chain.

After the end of Round 9, bind off and weave in all of your ends


Your new coffee sleeve is ready to party!



Hope you guys have a great St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll catch you all soon 🙂


Until then,




p.s. If you’re digging this coffee sleeve pattern, then I’d like to point you over to some of my other sleeve patterns in what is turning out to be its own series! Check out the Hygge, Santa Belly, Frankie, and Top of the Class coffee sleeve patterns and get yourself some sleeves for every occasion!


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Loom Knit Pumpkins


Hey there!

Isn’t this weather just delightful?! I’m super excited nowadays since Daylight Savings Time kicked in here in the US, though once darkness falls, it’s hard to tell what time it is–is it 6pm or 11pm?

I’m glad you’re here! It must mean you want to learn about loom knitting your very own pumpkins! The crochet ones have rightly been all the rage this season, but I wanted to throw some loom knitting love into the mix! If you’re looking for some delightful crochet pumpkin patterns, I tossed together a great lineup over here for inspiration! This is my second loom knitting pattern that I’m sharing up here on the blog, the first being my Black Cat Hat. If loom knitting is a new venture for you, welcome to the party! There’s a variety of experience levels for loom knitting, but these are a really nice and easy pattern to work with on the knitting loom, and should take less than an hour to make!


I love quick projects.

They’re nice and dainty looking and a whole basket of them would look very nice for all of your fall holidays! These pumpkins will fit right in with your witches and baskets of candy, but will also be a perfect touch of crafty goodness for your Thanksgiving cornucopias and little pilgrims, so they’re really versatile in terms of your fall crafting and an excellent décor staple. They can be made in a variety of colors, so you don’t have to stick with the traditional orange pumpkins if you don’t want to. If you feel so inclined, you can also make your pumpkins in cream! Or brown! They look very nice, and can work with a variety of home décor. My suggestions would be cream pumpkin + brown stem and brown pumpkin + cream stem, which might sound odd, but are quite cute!


The whole mix of pumpkins together can be really eye-catching and very homey, but those are just my suggestions! I’ll provide the pattern, do what inspires you! Thanksgiving is coming upon us quickly, and time’s running out, but you can whip these up in no time at all.


My dad completed this deck for my mom recently, so I thought I would take advantage of the new photo spot! But let’s get this pattern cracking, we’ve got no more time to waste, the holidays are here. (I’m sitting in a Starbucks right now making candy cane covers I saw from Sewrella and listening to Christmas music over their radio system)


*1 Ball of Orange yarn
Cream or Brown if you wish
*Small 24-peg round loom
*Loom knitting tool
*Small amount of worsted weight (4) brown yarn for stem
Or cream
*Crochet hook (anything K or smaller)
*Poly-fil fiber
*Tapestry needle


**Note: The orange yarn used is Bernat Softee Chunky in Pumpkin, which is a 6 weight. Chunkier yarns are excellent for this project, but for smaller weight yarns feel free to use double to minimize your stuffing peeking through your stitches**


With your Main Color (MC) of yarn, slip knot onto your first peg.
Foundation round: Leaving a long yarn tail, e-wrap all pegs. Loosely wrap once around your first peg, then a second time. Using your loom knitting tool, pull the bottom/first loop over your second loop. Continue across to complete the round.
Round 1: Knit 5, purl 1, knit 5, purl 1, knit 5, purl 1, knit 5, purl 1
Round 2-20: Repeat previous row
To remove from loom, cut a long tail from your working yarn and thread it through a tapestry needle. Working the needle underneath each peg’s stitch, thread through each stitch, pulling the stitch off from the loom as you work your way around. Once all of the stitches have been removed from the loom, DO NOT cinch the piece closed yet!
Flip it over and thread the beginning tail through a tapestry needle, stitch it through each loop from your foundation round and cinch it closed. Work the yarn around the cinched closure, ensuring it will not open, and pull it in through to the inside of the pumpkin. Knot it closed!

Now, stuff your pumpkin! Make sure to stuff it really well if you want a sturdy pumpkin, but if you want a plushier kind of pumpkin, stuff it to your heart’s content. Once it has been stuffed to your liking, cinch it closed! But wait, what about the stem? No worries, my friend.

Now for the stem! Because these are dainty sized pumpkins, I didn’t want to go over the top with a huge stem, so you can do it your own way, but here’s what I worked with for mine:

Using a K hook (whaaaat, a crochet hook? Yesss), take your worsted weight brown yarn and chain a small number, like 8 or 10. You can vary the length because it is going to be doubled over. Then, take each yarn end and thread it through the top of your pumpkin, bringing each all the way through to the bottom. Have both yarn ends close together, and knot them tightly. Because you have the stem at the top of the pumpkin, this is going to give it a little bit of that flatness through the center that pumpkins tend to have. With the ribbing created from your knits and purls, your pumpkin will be perfect! Once you’ve created your knot, tuck the yarn ends into the pumpkin and you’re ready.

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Apple of My Eye Crochet Hat




Hey everyone!


Welcome back! I know I’ve said it probably dozens of times, but I’m ready for Southern California to decide to join in on the fall love. Today is the FIRST DAY OF FALL! And I’m really in love with how the weather has been the past couple of days! I know the weather will probably warm back up next week and it will feel like summer once again here. And that’s ok, can’t have it all, you know? But even so, I can still hop in on all of the fall pastimes, like apple picking! I went apple picking a couple of years ago in Apple Valley with the now-fiance (whaaaaat?) and had such a great time! It was really cool to see all of the varieties of apples and pick them yourself–we brought home a whole bag of them, and they were super delicious. So that’s what influenced me to create this hat, just that quintessential feeling of picking apples.

I love the simplicity of the hat, and the chunkiness just makes it super cozy, so I really do love it! I am also working on a delightful version of the hat done in loom knitting, which I’ll be sharing here, so keep on the lookout!

Without further ado, here’s the ingredient list so you can bake up your own apple hat!



Chunky (5) red or green yarn and brown
I used Charisma
Worsted weight (4) Dark Green yarn
I used Red Heart Super Saver
M hook
H hook
Tapestry needle

Abbreviations Used (US terms):

Fhdc= Foundation half double crochet
DC = double crochet
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
BLO = back loops only
ch = chain
st/sts = stitch/stitches
sc2tog = single crochet 2 stitches together





Apple body
With hook and your chunky yarn, ch 23
Row 1: DC in third chain from hook, DC across (21)
Row 2: Ch 1, DC in BLO across (21)
Rows 3- ??: Ch 1, DC across until piece measures 22 in
Ch 1, fold piece in half so that last row worked meets with beginning row, sc across, bind off, leaving long tail
Thread your tail through your tapestry needle and cinch your crochet tube together. Stitch extra stitches to keep it together because of the chunky yarn, then tie off. Turn out hat so that your seam is on the inside.

With L hook and brown yarn, Fhdc 10. For help with the foundation half double crochet, I’ll relay you over to this helpful video from One Dog Woof! Leave a long tail after binding off. Fold over your “stem”, and stitch the halves together with a running stitch, then work it back down to create some stiffness in your stem piece.
Thread each tail and stitch into the top of your hat, I knotted it on the underside of the hat, flipping it inside out to get a tight knot. Flip back around.

With H hook and worsted weight yarn in Green, ch 2
Row 1: 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1, turn
Row 2: 2 sc in first st, 1sc in next, 2 sc in last st, ch 1 and turn (5)
Row 3: sc across, ch 1 (5)
Row 4: 2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next 3 sts, 2 sc in last st, ch 1 and turn (7)
Row 5: Sc2tog, sc next 3 sts, sc2tog, ch 1 and turn (5)
Row 6 : sc across, ch 1 and turn
Row 7: Sc2tog, sc next, sc2tog, ch 1 and turn (3)
Row 8: Sc all 3 remaining sts together, ch 1 and sl st down the middle of your leaf to meet your beginning tail and bind off

Thread each tail and stitch into the top of your hat, flip it inside out to get a tight knot. Flip back around.

I like the spiky look of the apple leaf, and will likely use it for lots of other things! Reduce, reuse, recycle your project elements, right?


Once you have all of the pieces stitched into your hat, you’re ready for apple picking! You can fold over the brim, or wear it as a slouchy beanie, both options are pretty cute and it’s great to have options.

I hope you enjoy the hat and, as always, I’d LOVE to see your creations, even if you remix it! Feel free to tag me on all of the usual avenues and let me know your thoughts! Share with the class! Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!






Like this pattern? Don’t forget to pin this article for later on Pinterest!
And I’d love to see your finished projects! Please share with me on Facebook and Instagram!
Finished items made from this pattern may be personally sold on your Etsy and at craft fairs, but please share the love and credit the pattern back here! And please don’t copy and paste this pattern as your own!

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Frankie Crochet Coffee Sleeve




Halloween is going to be here before you know it, and it’s always fun to have new ideas for the holidays! But I’m sharing this with you today because it’s Frankenstein Day!


What’s Frankenstein Day? It’s a holiday celebrating Mary Shelley‘s birthday, the author of the novel Frankenstein (you can find it at Barnes & Noble). I’ve always thought it was interesting how the idea of Frankenstein (who’s *actually* not named Frankenstein!!) has evolved to what he is nowadays in the collective cultural mindset. He’s actually a really tragic character in the novel, which if you haven’t read the novel and happened to have stumbled across the film version with Helena Bonham Carter and Robert De Niro you’re going to be SO blindsided by that fact and sit there surprised and crying like I did. Because you had no idea when you came in!

But that isn’t what this post is about!


This is a happy post about crafting! I’m here to share a pattern for a coffee sleeve with a family-friendly Frankenstein’s monster (and I’m calling him Frankie) which is really cute and very simple. If you don’t already know, I’m a HUGE fan of reusable coffee sleeves! I love that they are helping me cut down on wasting paper (though I need to remember to bring my reusable coffee cups and that is an ongoing issue for me), and that they are wonderfully personal and able to be personalized! It certainly makes it much easier to figure out whose cup is which, so you can make your mark and stake out your drink, rather than stare at the straws trying to figure out who was wearing which lipstick or lipgloss!

I hope you enjoy working up your cute sleeve and I’d love to see your creations, so please share your finished pieces with me on Instagram or Facebook! Happy crafting, everyone!

And watch that movie if you get the chance because it’s actually very interesting, but I’d suggest you have a box of tissues right next to you because it is probably going to hit you hard in the feels like it did to me!



Materials Needed:

*H crochet hook
I used Boye
*Worsted weight yarn (4) yarn
*2 black buttons
*Tapestry needle


Terms Used (US):

sc = single crochet
ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
st/sts = stitch/stitches


With Green, chain 32 and slip stitch to the first chain, forming a circle. Ch 1
Round 1: Work 1 sc into the slipped stitch and sc across. Slip st to Ch1, ch1 (32 sc)
Round 2 -6: Repeat Round 1. At last of Round 6, color change to Black with slip stitch, ch 1 (32 sc)
Round 7-9: With Black, sc into each stitch in the round, sl st to beginning ch, ch 1. In final round, end with the sl st to the beginning ch and bind off, weaving in all ends

With your tapestry needle, sew on the 2 black buttons in the green section of the sleeve to create the eyes—make sure you’re certain of where you want the eyes to be before you stitch them on or you’ll have a googly-eyed sleeve!

…Or maybe you want that? It’s yours to customize!


Final step: Enjoy your drink, whether it’s hot cocoa, coffee, cider, pumpkin spice lattes, or tea!



Do you like coffee sleeves and want other ideas? Check out my Top of the Class Pencil Coffee Cozy and Santa Belly Coffee Sleeve for more coffee goodness!

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Finished items made from this pattern may be personally sold on your Etsy and at craft fairs, but please share the love and credit the pattern back here! And please don’t copy and paste this pattern as your own!

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Santa Belly Coffee Sleeve

Ho ho ho!

But wait, it’s July…

Aw, that’s okay! It’s Christmas in July! What better time than now to start thinking of all the things you can make for the holiday season? Do you do craft fairs? I hope you’re already working up your stock items to blow away your adoring fans! I just received a promo for a craft fair I have tried to get into for the last 2 years and will not be deterred–I’m getting into it this year! Third time’s the charm, right?

So if you’re like me and want a bunch of different things to offer your potential shoppers, then I’ve got an adorable idea for you MONTHS IN ADVANCE!


Today, I have for you these cute Santa Belly coffee sleeves!

I really love that they look like Santa’s wide belt–I know I sometimes need a Santa tummy for all of the coffee and hot cocoa and tea and apple cider that’s coming! So I’ll share with you 2 different options that work out so well for this little guy!

The only difference between the 2 is how you create your foundation, so here goes!



Materials Needed:

1 Ball of Red (5 or 6 weight) yarn
1 Ball of Black (5 or 6 weight) yarn
(For both of these, I used Bernat Softee Chunky)
Scrap gold or yellow yarn
(I used Red Heart Super Saver in Gold)
L hook
Tapestry needle

Abbreviations Used:

Sc- Single Crochet
Sl st- Slip Stitch
Ch- Chain


Beginning Option 1:
With L hook and red yarn, ch 23, slip stitch to beginning. Ch 1, single crochet into each stitch around (23 sc) and slip stitch to beginning

Beginning Option 2:
With L hook, Foundation Single Crochet 23 stitches, slip stitch together, ch 1
The most helpful tutorial for me for discovering the FSC was One Dog Woof, so I’ll link her pictorial help here. (She’s also a fantastic resource for different patterns and helpful tidbits and definitely worth a follow!)

**Note: working a foundation single crochet takes a little while longer, but does create a nice even tension in the piece**


Whichever option you’ve chosen, you have your first Round!


Round 2: Work a second round of single crochet around your piece (23 sc), but don’t slip stitch to the beginning just yet!

Color change to Black, using a slip stitch to complete the row.

Round 3: Ch 1, single crochet into the stitch and each stitch around for 23 sc.
Round 4: Repeat Round 3.
Round 5: Repeat Round 3. At end of Round 5, color change to Red once again, using a slip stitch to complete the round.
Round 6- 7: Ch 1 with Red, single crochet into the slip stitch and each stitch around for 23 sc. At end of Round 7, bind off.

Weave in all ends!

Take your gold or yellow yarn and thread it through your tapestry needle. I bordered my buckle across 3 stitches and the 3 rows of black for a more or less square buckle, doubling each stitch. I then tied the 2 ends together and trimmed the ends.

Now your Santa Belly is ready to be filled with holiday goodness! Happy Crafting!


Until next time,


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10 Free Crochet + Loom Knit Americana Patterns

Happy July!

Hopefully those sparklers are already glowing and the barbecues are getting heated up! I know that I’ve been staring at everything red, white, and blue for about the last month and a half—partially because that’s when Michaels started throwing up the décor!—but it’s been on my mind as I’ve been compiling my own projects! I have a blanket that I started on a year ago, literally, and just couldn’t bring myself to finish it. I’d set myself the goal of making 50 stars for an American flag afghan, but I had to taper it back to 13 for a mix of reasons.


Laziness, mostly.

But as I’m putting the touches on my own blanket, I wanted to share with you some different patterns that I have run across on Pinterest that I found really wonderful! They inspired me to pick my long cast-aside project. I appreciate variation in the pieces, and the different styles that other crafters have used to complete things for a beautiful Americana look. Some of these have used single crochet, others have created a series of either granny squares or hexagons! And one, I’m including because it just impressed me SO MUCH is a loom knit blanket! It really blew me away, and I have to include it because a) it was just too rad and b) I love loom knitting, it was my first yarn craft! So kudos to all of these lovely creators, please marvel at their lovely work and, if you’re so inclined, think about hopping into these projects for yourself! [I’ve hypertexted the names of the pieces, but have added the links just in case!]

Happy digging!



  • Let Freedom Ring Blanket—by Carolyn Pfeifer
    Available as a FREE pattern (links to Ravelry), this is not your typical flag blanket, it’s composed of granny squares! I really love the difference in texture that these granny squares make in the project and I can only imagine the amount of time spent joining in all of those pieces! It’s well worth it, I’d say, just looking at this beautiful blanket!


  • Americana Afghan—by the Lion Brand Design TeamAvailable via All Free Crochet, this blanket is super cozy looking! I love the giant granny squares it uses to create the body, and they have a series of crocheted squares that line the perimeter that can be sewn on rather than joined! I see this blanket also being used for baby showers. Because of the delightful simplicity, it appears to be a very versatile blanket.


  • Stars and Stripes Corner to Corner Afghan—by Sarah of Sarah’s Bits and Pieces CrochetIf you love Corner to Corner crochet, then you are going to absolutely love this pattern! I had to instantly stop scrolling when I stumbled across this piece on Pinterest! It’s an IMMENSE blanket—queen sized, in fact—and it looks stunning. Her design, derived from the Red Heart Yarns C2C pattern is simply beautiful. Sarah takes the time to take photos of all the elements of her blanket and directs the reader both to the influencing pattern for the body of the blanket, as well as for her choice of stars! It’s both helpful and beautiful!


  • Old Glory Blanket—by Kathy UnderwoodWHOA! I really enjoy what Kathy is able to create with the knitting loom! It’s such a great piece of work, and the beauty of it is that it is worked in panels, which makes it much easier for transportation—that’s incredibly helpful when you’re working with a loom! The stars are made from felt, which gives the project a different and fun look!


  • Folk Art Throw—by Willow YarnsI love the folk/antique twist on the American flag! I think it makes a perfect piece for the summertime or for an Americana-themed living space! The interesting design created by the zig zag patterning of the granny squares is fantastic, and I think the blue edging on the border is a very nice touch. The four-point stars make for a different look which is really cool!


  • Americana Pillow—by Rebecca of Little Monkeys Crochet
    I love the boutique-y quality of this little pillow! Sized to fit a 12” standard decorative throw pillow, this is a really cute idea! And, a bonus: it’s double-sided! I looove designs that don’t limit your options! I also love the usage of a variety of cream-spectrum buttons in place of stars, it makes it more rustic looking which is very cute!


  • Americana Pillow—by Anita Elmore of ASE Keep’n CreativeI love throw pillows because they can really turn around the look of your couch and can be that extra touch that your blanket needed to look complete on the divan! Sized to fit pillow foam, this piece is 7”x11”, this pillow adds some different dimensions in sizing for your pillow needs! I appreciate the simplicity of the design and think that it’s lovely.


  • USA Afghan—by Lion Brand YarnsWho doesn’t love stripes? (I don’t think you’d be looking at a post about stars and stripes if you didn’t, right??) This afghan’s got the stripes you’re looking for in all the right places—everywhere! Made from their Hometown USA yarns and using a size P crochet hook, this is a nice and squishy blanket! This ingenious blanket takes the red, white, and blue, and transforms them into a different fresh design that still resonates with traditional Americana quality.


  • Flag Afghan—by Lion Brand YarnsLion Brand just gets it with these great designs on these afghans! Made from their Heartland variety, it gives you a finer texture to the blanket. I have to say I’m in love with the ripple stitch they decided to use in this pattern! Also, I’m a sucker for simplicity in the stars! All 50 states are great, but I love the dressed-down appearance of blankets with a variance in the number of stars.


  • American Waves Throw—by Marianne Forrestal for Red Heart YarnsI love the kind of zany quality of this pattern! If you haven’t seen the Americana colorway for their Super Saver line, then you’re missing out! (Americana is a self-striping yarn and, if you pace out your stitches right, small American flags show themselves in the fabric!) This self-striping yarn makes for a really fun burst of design in a very soft ripple stitching.




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