Quick Gift Roundup



This post and my next couple are going to be focused on rapid-fire gift giving! I know I ran out of time this year, didn’t you? Well, I’m here to help you out really quickly (since there is still so much left to do!) and toss up 5 quick present ideas that you can crochet that AREN’T a hat or scarf! Because while hats and scarves are super rad, they’re not a catch-all gift and it’s nice to have other quick projects in the repertoire, wouldn’t you agree? Also, not all hats and scarves fit, either physically or stylistically. So here are 5 FREE PATTERNS that make super cool presents that don’t take a heck of a lot of time to finish up and require no sizing specifications. Christmas is on Monday and I know you have a ton of stuff to do, so without further ado…


  1. Crochet leather coasters from Make and Do Crew

These DIY leather coasters with crochet edging can be made in less than an hour and make a perfect DIY gift for him. Make them for Christmas, Father's Day or just for yourself! #SToKCoffee #cbias #ad

They make a great variety gift for housewarmings, father’s day, Christmas, yourself, you name it!

2. Crochet Planter Hanger from Vickie Howell

Plant Hanger1

Made from jersey or t-shirt yarn, this crowd pleaser would be perfect for any of your garden/plant aficionado friends and family! Works up super quickly and no muss no fuss!


3. Bath Pouf Crochet Pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs

I think that Christmas time is, like, the number one time that anyone receives bath sets. Haven’t looked up statistics, but I’m pretty sure most bath sets are sold in this time frame, so bath poufs would be perfect to include with candles, bath bombs, and bath gels.


4. Clothesline Trivet by Make and Do Crew

Add a handmade touch to your purchased gifts with this modern crochet trivet made from rope clothesline! Perfect DIY hostess gift.


I have yet to try out crochet in other materials, and this trivet pattern from Make and Do is at the top of my list! A durable material, your recipient will get a lot of use from this gift and it works up quick which is an added bonus.


5. Christmas Washcloth Crochet Pattern by Rescued Paw Designs

I really love the rustic look of these washcloths and since washcloths do up so quickly, these will speed by in no time at all, just in the nick of time!


And there you have it! Good luck and happy crafting, may the Force be with you, may the odds be ever in your favor, and may all your WIPs get finished in time!


Until next time,



**All of these bloggers have gladly shared their patterns with the internet and, while you should check their sharing rules, don’t copy and paste their patterns to pass off as your own and always share the love back to these wonderful makers!**

Pin these patterns to your boards and share them on the web! It all goes toward helping these lads and ladies out. Want to connect with me online? Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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Black Cat Hat: Loom Knit!

Happy Friday the 13th!

Hopefully everyone has had a good day, despite the paranoia of bad luck! I’ve tended to have good Friday the 13ths, but *knocks on wood* you can never be too sure! So, as usual, don’t walk under ladders or gaze into broken mirrors, but by all means, feel free to pet the heck out of a black cat! We have a tuxedo cat, and he’s adorable. His name is Babadook and he’s the best cat, it’s kind of a requisite to tell him that he’s handsome all the time. Just so he doesn’t forget. I found him hiding in the backyard today:

I’ve been working on this hat on and off while working on other projects and feeling kind of overwhelmed at all of the wedding options (it really is insane, you know) and trying to find a full-time job on top of all of it, so I’m recentering and focusing on some of my projects and I’m glad that I completed this one in time for the 13th! When I started out as a yarn crafter, I did everything in loom knitting. It was the skill set I had the easiest amount of access to, and there were some really terrific resources out there. After a few years, I decided to expand my skill set and now work a lot in crochet, but loom knitting was my first foray into yarn! So when I created this blog, I knew I wanted to have a platform for both of my loves, but hadn’t written up patterns for some of my loom knitting work, partially from record-keeping, but also from a weird self-perception that other people may not be interested in loom knit patterns. I know that that sounds a little ridiculous, since all crafts are wonderful, but I’ve gotten beyond that and really want to start sharing the loom knitting love a little bit more! So this is my first project toward that end and I hope that you enjoy it!

(I’m going to add here that if you’re looking for a cute black cat hat in crochet, I’d suggest looking over at the Black Cat Slouch Hat from Persia Lou)


36-peg round loom
1 Ball of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick (though I have also used Charisma by Loops and Threads)
A length of contrasting yarn
1 Loom Knitting tool
J or K hook
Tapestry needle

Terms Used:
EW = E Wrap
P = Purl
SC = single crochet



Round 1: Starting with a slip knot, place it on the first peg of the loom. E-wrap your second peg once, and then a second time. Take your knitting tool and lift the bottom loop up over the top one. Continue around the loom.

Round 2-15: E-wrap your first peg and lift the bottom loop over the top. Purl your second peg. (If you’re unclear about how to purl, here’s a helpful video from Tuteate!) Alternate EW and P around the loom, finishing with a purl.

Round 16: Take your first row up from the inside of your loom and place the loop on top of your working row, making sure they line up. Pull the bottom loop over your new top loops.

Round 17- 37: E-Wrap all pegs around.

Now here’s where the contrasting yarn comes in. Have a length of yarn that’s about twice the circumference of your loom (just wrap it around twice). Take your tapestry needle and thread it with the contrasting yarn and thread it under each loop on the loom, but don’t remove it yet.

Carefully remove the loops from your loom and don’t lose the end of your contrasting yarn or you might lose your stitches and you’ll be sad.


I’ve done it and I’ve been sad. Don’t be like me hahaha


Turn your open hat inside out, taking the ball of yarn up through it.

Use your J or K hook (because they’re of a similar gauge size to the loom) and hook 2 loops.
Slip stitch them.
Now hook 2 loops (because we’re going for symmetry to create a flat seamed top to the hat) and treat them as one, creating a single crochet. Continue this to the end, hooking 2 loops opposite each other and working them 2 together as a single crochet and bind off with a slip stitch. You can now weave your yarn tail into the single crocheted seam or you can create a knot with the yarn in your corner. Flip the hat right side out and you’re ready!

It’s hard taking pictures of yourself when you want to get the ears in the shot!

I hope you liked this pattern, my first loom knit one!


If you’re interested in some other Halloween/Fall spooky goodness and crafting, here are some other posts of mine:

Frankie Coffee Sleeve

Crochet Animal Headbands

Pumpkin Time!

Apple of My Eye Hat




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Granny Goes to the Beach Bikini Top



It’s very very hot here in SoCal right now. And it’s going to be hot until basically November, which can make it a tricky situation when it comes to crafting! So if you live in a hotter climate and love crafting, you either bear the heat and make blankets, or you switch up your retinue of crafts with summery things, lighter things! You can have a ton of options, that’s what’s so much fun about crafting!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, meme and text

The heat can’t catch you if you work faster…right? Well, luckily I have a nice and easy project for you today! It’s my Granny Goes to the Beach Bikini Top! And even easier than that, it’s an applique to place on top of an existing bikini top!

My inspiration for that was that, as much as I love crochet bikini tops–it’s actually what convinced me to pick up hooks and do more in-depth work than simple chains–the problem with lining is always there! So I thought:

“What if I just get a bikini top and make it cuter?”

And that’s where I went!

I went and picked up a few bikini tops over at Walmart, they look like this. I specifically wanted triangle tops, the simpler the better, for this project and these wound up being the ones that I liked the best! They were triangular, they had lining, and forgivingly simple shapes.

[I must note here that I hate HATE shopping for things like swimsuits and bras. The worst. I will admit that I have a very small chest and dislike the way those kinds of things look on me and it’s an ongoing thing but ANYHOW]

I liked these tops, and would highly suggest a triangular top for this project for the applique to work properly!

But, let’s get down to business and make this top happen for you!

[Note: I used a small bikini top because I am a small person. If you’d like to go with a larger size, then still go with a triangular top and add another row or 3 depending on the size of your cup!]

Materials Used:

Triangular bikini top as shown here in this example
Cotton yarn (I used Yarnspirations Lily n Creme in Off White. It’s a huge ball and has lasted me forever)
H Hook
3.5 Hook
Tapestry needle
Small straight edge ruler
Rotary Cutter (click for the Amazon place I got mine from)
Crochet edging blade (I busted a mission looking for these guys and I am so glad for these!)


If you haven’t already, put the crochet edging blade into the rotary cutter–be careful! I had problems with opening my first rotary cutter and the store shipped me a new one free of charge because of a weird mechanism that had broken, and it was very nice of them to do.

Be careful with the blades, they’re sharp and have a light lubricant on them!

Take your bladed cutter and a small ruler (you don’t need a 12-inch ruler for this, too unwieldy) and place even lines of holes along the 3 sides of each triangle cup

I had to take a picture one-handed, so place the ruler a safer distance from the edge and keep it straight between corners

Feel free with the bottom triangles to stretch it a bit because of the ruching so you can get a cleaner and straighter line!

Making Your Triangles (make 2)

With H hook and your cotton yarn, ch 4, slip stitch to form a circle

Round 1: Ch 3, 2 Dc, ch 3, 3 Dc, ch 3, ch 1, slip stitch to top of original ch 3

Round 2: Slip stitch across to ch 3 space, slip stitch into the space and ch 3, 2Dc, ch 3, 3Dc into ch 3 space, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3 Dc] into next ch 3 space, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3 Dc] into next ch 3 space, ch 1 and slip stitch to beginning ch 3

Round 3: Slip stitch across to ch 3 space, slip stitch into the space and ch 3, 2Dc, ch 3, 3 Dc. Ch 1, 3 Dc into Ch 1 space, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3Dc] into ch 3 space, ch 1. 3 Dc into Ch 1 space, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3Dc] into ch 3 space, ch 1, slip stitch to beginning.

Rounds 4-6: Continue with pattern, placing 2 sets of 3Dc into each corner ch 3 space and 1 set of 3Dc into each ch 1 space.

If you are going for a bigger cup, continue from here for the appropriate number of rows for your bikini top

Once you’ve got the appropriate size for your piece, ch 1 and single crochet around the whole cup, and the appropriate number of single crochet stitches for each ch 1 and ch 3 space respectively, slip stitch to your original chain 1

Grab your 3.5mm hook and ch 1. Line up your triangle with the cup of the bikini and single crochet into your top hole. ch 2 to carry around the back of the top, and single crochet into the same hole. Ch 1, slip next stitch and single crochet into the next. Continue this pattern to each corner where you will single crochet, ch 2, and single crochet into the same stitch, carrying the ch 2 behind the corner for your straps to go through. Slip stitch to your original ch 1, bind off and weave in ends.

It’s coming along!

Repeat with your second cup!

Et Voilà you have your bikini top and you’re ready to go!






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Bonus dumb fun:
I have had a tricky time of keeping track of my hooks in the past and accidentally grab the wrong size, which will mess up a project. This project got sidelined for a while when I grabbed the wrong hook and wound up with a wonky cup:


The cup at your left is the wonky one and I got annoyed because it happened all too often! So don’t do what I did!

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Summertime Scrunchy

Do you like tying your hair back?

I know I do. Sometimes I really enjoy letting my hair done, but whenever I’m at work (or needing to get some work done), I tie my hair back to get it out of the way.

But sometimes I get really bored with my regular black hair tie. I mean, sure it looks nice and isn’t noticeable, but what if you’re feeling fun? Then I’ve got such a simple project for you!

It’s this delightful unicorn palette scrunchy hair tie:

Dang, that’s majestic.
It just needs a horn and a tail!

I want you to know that I quietly laughed to myself at Starbucks while I doodled this.

There we go!

Okay, enough with the funny stuff (and I hope you thought that was funny hah), let’s get to this super simple pattern!

H Hook
Cotton Yarn (I chose Lily Sugar N Cream Scents in Fleur de Lavande)
Tapestry Needle
Elastic hair tie

I picked this yarn because cotton is going to be the most durable, it’s a good lightweight yarn for the summer…and I had it left over from some other fun projects and thought that this would be a really good idea to help me out in my ongoing Project Scrap Yarn.



  1. Placing your slipknot onto the hook, ch 1, and single crochet into the rubber band’s center until you have completely covered the hair tie. Slip stitch to your beginning ch.

2. Ch 6 and single crochet into the next stitch

3. Ch 6 and single crochet into the next stitch. Repeat until you have gone all the way around through the stitches. Slip stitch to the last stitch. Bind off and weave in the ends.

Final step: Wear your new scrunchy! Feel majestic!



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Granny Gone Chic Gloves

Despite the name, granny squares can be super trendy! They’re also a phenomenal motif to work with, whether you’re working with a simpler design or something more involved. You can, however, do enormously more intricate designs and they are wonderful to gaze upon:

Look at the majesty of this square!
Click the image for the free Ravelry pattern

That’s a lot of color changes and it’s so pretty!

And since they’re square, it takes the guesswork out of what the size is going to be: square. So you’re going to get a reliable size on whatever piece it is you’re putting together, you aren’t going to get any kind of weird obtuse shape or have the project wind up with an extra arm, as long as you’re doing it right! Sometimes I just like the reliable simplicity of a standard granny square since it can be so versatile!

You can make a ginormous afghan in the Granny,

This large blanket was one of my first crochet projects!



or coasters,

Click for Sewrella’s delightful pattern!

or even these granny square gloves!


Gloves, fingerless gloves, wristers—whatever you call them, they can be so helpful when the weather is not quite super cold, or you simply want to have the use of your fingers for doing small handwork (or texting, we can be honest). Those snaps don’t caption themselves!

I’m going to present these guys to you in two ways: one for those who already understand the granny square and another for those who are like “what” about how the stitches work! Either way, this is a simple project, the only trick is you have to make two or you only have one wrister, which…I don’t know why you’d only need one glove? But anyhow, here we go!

Materials Needed:

*1 Ball of worsted weight (4) yarn
I used Buff Fleck in Red Heart Super Saver for mine, I liked the simplicity of the neutral color
*H hook (5.5mm)
*Tapestry needle

Terms Used:

Ch = Chain
Dc = Double Crochet
Sl st = Slip stitch
St/s = Stitch/Stitches
Ch sp = Chain Space


With I hook, chain 4, slip stitch to the first chain to form a loop

Round 1: Ch 3 (this first Ch 3 counts as a Dc here and throughout), 2Dc into the loop, [ch 3, 3Dc] three times, ch 3, sl st to beginning of the round

**note: In the above picture, you may notice I only chained 2 in the corners, don’t do that
Chain 3 to the form the corners!**

Round 2: Ch 3, turn over. 2Dc into the ch 3 space. Ch 1 *[3Dc into ch sp, ch 3, 3Dc, ch 1], repeat from * twice, sl st to beginning of round. Sl st across to the corner and place another sl st into the corner ch 3 space. 8 Dc total

Round 3: Ch 3, 2Dc into ch 3 sp, ch 3, 3Dc into same ch 3 space, ch 1, 3 Dc into ch 1 space, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3Dc] into corner ch 3 sp], ch 1, 3Dc into ch 1 sp, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3Dc] into corner ch 3 sp, ch 1, 3Dc into ch 1 sp, ch 1, [3Dc, ch 3, 3Dc] into corner ch 3 sp, ch 1, 3Dc into ch 1 sp, ch 1, sl st to beginning corner. Sl st across to the ch 3 space, sl st once into ch 3 space. 12 Dc total

Rounds 4-6: Continue the pattern, expanding by 4 Dcs in each round. In each ch 1 space, 3Dc, and in each corner [3Dc, ch 3, 3Dc].

Ch 1, single crochet into each stitch and chain space around the piece. For each ch 1 space, place 1 single crochet. For each ch 3 space, 3 single crochet. Once completed, ch 1. Do not bind off.

Fold the piece in half, and seam the side opposite the fold with a single crochet beginning from the end with the Ch 1. Continue across to the second ch 1 space.

Look here where the hook and tapestry needle are pointing:

The space in between is where you want your thumb hole to be!

Option 1: Break the yarn and reinsert past 2 3Dc clusters
Option 2: Slip stitch along one side of the piece until you reach past 2 3Dc clusters

Continue to seam with a single crochet to the end of the side. Bind off and weave in the ends.

And enjoy your gloves!








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Finished items made from this pattern may be personally sold on your Etsy and at craft fairs, but please share the love and credit the pattern back here! And please don’t copy and paste this pattern as your own!


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10 Free Crochet + Loom Knit Americana Patterns

Happy July!

Hopefully those sparklers are already glowing and the barbecues are getting heated up! I know that I’ve been staring at everything red, white, and blue for about the last month and a half—partially because that’s when Michaels started throwing up the décor!—but it’s been on my mind as I’ve been compiling my own projects! I have a blanket that I started on a year ago, literally, and just couldn’t bring myself to finish it. I’d set myself the goal of making 50 stars for an American flag afghan, but I had to taper it back to 13 for a mix of reasons.


Laziness, mostly.

But as I’m putting the touches on my own blanket, I wanted to share with you some different patterns that I have run across on Pinterest that I found really wonderful! They inspired me to pick my long cast-aside project. I appreciate variation in the pieces, and the different styles that other crafters have used to complete things for a beautiful Americana look. Some of these have used single crochet, others have created a series of either granny squares or hexagons! And one, I’m including because it just impressed me SO MUCH is a loom knit blanket! It really blew me away, and I have to include it because a) it was just too rad and b) I love loom knitting, it was my first yarn craft! So kudos to all of these lovely creators, please marvel at their lovely work and, if you’re so inclined, think about hopping into these projects for yourself! [I’ve hypertexted the names of the pieces, but have added the links just in case!]

Happy digging!



  • Let Freedom Ring Blanket—by Carolyn Pfeifer
    Available as a FREE pattern (links to Ravelry), this is not your typical flag blanket, it’s composed of granny squares! I really love the difference in texture that these granny squares make in the project and I can only imagine the amount of time spent joining in all of those pieces! It’s well worth it, I’d say, just looking at this beautiful blanket!


  • Americana Afghan—by the Lion Brand Design TeamAvailable via All Free Crochet, this blanket is super cozy looking! I love the giant granny squares it uses to create the body, and they have a series of crocheted squares that line the perimeter that can be sewn on rather than joined! I see this blanket also being used for baby showers. Because of the delightful simplicity, it appears to be a very versatile blanket.


  • Stars and Stripes Corner to Corner Afghan—by Sarah of Sarah’s Bits and Pieces CrochetIf you love Corner to Corner crochet, then you are going to absolutely love this pattern! I had to instantly stop scrolling when I stumbled across this piece on Pinterest! It’s an IMMENSE blanket—queen sized, in fact—and it looks stunning. Her design, derived from the Red Heart Yarns C2C pattern is simply beautiful. Sarah takes the time to take photos of all the elements of her blanket and directs the reader both to the influencing pattern for the body of the blanket, as well as for her choice of stars! It’s both helpful and beautiful!


  • Old Glory Blanket—by Kathy UnderwoodWHOA! I really enjoy what Kathy is able to create with the knitting loom! It’s such a great piece of work, and the beauty of it is that it is worked in panels, which makes it much easier for transportation—that’s incredibly helpful when you’re working with a loom! The stars are made from felt, which gives the project a different and fun look!


  • Folk Art Throw—by Willow YarnsI love the folk/antique twist on the American flag! I think it makes a perfect piece for the summertime or for an Americana-themed living space! The interesting design created by the zig zag patterning of the granny squares is fantastic, and I think the blue edging on the border is a very nice touch. The four-point stars make for a different look which is really cool!


  • Americana Pillow—by Rebecca of Little Monkeys Crochet
    I love the boutique-y quality of this little pillow! Sized to fit a 12” standard decorative throw pillow, this is a really cute idea! And, a bonus: it’s double-sided! I looove designs that don’t limit your options! I also love the usage of a variety of cream-spectrum buttons in place of stars, it makes it more rustic looking which is very cute!


  • Americana Pillow—by Anita Elmore of ASE Keep’n CreativeI love throw pillows because they can really turn around the look of your couch and can be that extra touch that your blanket needed to look complete on the divan! Sized to fit pillow foam, this piece is 7”x11”, this pillow adds some different dimensions in sizing for your pillow needs! I appreciate the simplicity of the design and think that it’s lovely.


  • USA Afghan—by Lion Brand YarnsWho doesn’t love stripes? (I don’t think you’d be looking at a post about stars and stripes if you didn’t, right??) This afghan’s got the stripes you’re looking for in all the right places—everywhere! Made from their Hometown USA yarns and using a size P crochet hook, this is a nice and squishy blanket! This ingenious blanket takes the red, white, and blue, and transforms them into a different fresh design that still resonates with traditional Americana quality.


  • Flag Afghan—by Lion Brand YarnsLion Brand just gets it with these great designs on these afghans! Made from their Heartland variety, it gives you a finer texture to the blanket. I have to say I’m in love with the ripple stitch they decided to use in this pattern! Also, I’m a sucker for simplicity in the stars! All 50 states are great, but I love the dressed-down appearance of blankets with a variance in the number of stars.


  • American Waves Throw—by Marianne Forrestal for Red Heart YarnsI love the kind of zany quality of this pattern! If you haven’t seen the Americana colorway for their Super Saver line, then you’re missing out! (Americana is a self-striping yarn and, if you pace out your stitches right, small American flags show themselves in the fabric!) This self-striping yarn makes for a really fun burst of design in a very soft ripple stitching.




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