Top of the Class Pencil Coffee Cozy


Hey everyone!


Welcome back! If you liked my pencil scarf pattern from just shy of two weeks ago, then I’ve got an extra special treat for you! I’ve written up a pattern for some delightfully perfect back to school-themed pencil coffee cozies! I’m a big fan of coffee sleeves, they’re just so versatile and fun and highly customizable!


Best of luck to everyone whose little tykes have been sent back off to school and are getting back into the swing of the new school year! You’re probably going to need the coffee! It’s so weird to me hearing that people are starting school in August–or even July!–because I myself have always associated with September being the back to school time, so I can only imagine!

Another thing about the impending season is that it’s when lots of crafters are getting ready for their craft fairs, since they are already underway and the signups have begun for the events that won’t be popping up for another couple of months! I have some craft fairs on my own radar, and you probably do, too! And even faster still is the doom and excitement of all the holidays, so lots of craft preparation is going on!

And have I mentioned just how much I love quick and easy projects? They’re the best! I’ve shared my Santa Belly Coffee Sleeves here recently, which if you haven’t seen them, check them out, they’re super cute and I used mine on and off throughout July…because Christmas in July! Another reason why coffee sleeves are awesome (in addition to their personal qualities and that they help you reduce the amount of paper in landfills) is that they are quick and easy! I had originally whipped up one of these last year when I’d been inspired by my Project Scrap Yarn, and I was just so in love with how it turned out, but I hadn’t done anything with the pattern! I’m glad that I finally have the chance to share this with you! For these reasons and more, I think that these little coffee sleeves are perfect gifts for the teachers going back into the classrooms or for your craft fair needs!

So let’s get started!






Worsted weight yarn (4)
I used Red Heart Super Saver
I used Craft Smart
I used Impeccable
H hook
Tapestry needle

Terms used (US):

Sc = single crochet
DC = double crochet
Ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch


Using H hook and GOLD yarn, chain 32, slip stitch join to form loop


Row 1: Ch 1, single crochet into each stitch around, sl st to beginning of row (32)
Rows 2-5: Repeat Row 1.
Row 6: Repeat previous row, sl st to beginning and bind off

Row 7: Sl st GREY into first stitch, ch 1, single crochet into first stitch and every stitch around, sl st to beginning (32)


Row 8: Ch 2, DC into first stitch, sc, *DC, sc, repeat from * to end of round, sl st to beginning of round

In the above picture, you can see the work in progress! The first row at the foreground of the photo is Row 7, the row of single crochet in Grey, and the row being worked behind is Row 8, the alternating of DC and sc


Row 9: Introduce PINK with a slip stitch. Ch 1, sc into the sl st space and every space around, for 32 sc. Sl st to beginning ch.

Keep going!

Rows 10-12: Repeat Row 9. Start with ch 1, sc around, sl st to beginning. When you’ve reached your desired eraser length, bind off and weave in those ends!



Here’s a picture of me from when I first created this cozy last year–I still had the braces then! Time flies so fast! I actually kind of miss the braces, is that weird?


And that’s the Top of the Class Pencil Coffee Cozy! I hope you brought enough for the whole class!



Until next time,



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