The Joy of Loom Knitting

Looking for a new craft? It is always great learning new things, it’s something I really enjoy! I taught myself French using DuoLingo because in high school I said I wanted to become trilingual (I already speak English and Spanish), and finally decided to try and make it happen. It is not easy to do, and I am still practicing, but when you start learning a new skill, something amazing happens. You get a different outlook and see things differently. You find different things that you enjoy doing and encounter new challenges. You change. And so does your brain.

As you learn new things, pick up new skills, challenge yourself to do different things than you’re used to, your neurons love it! They create new pathways and do so many amazing things to help your health. Did you know that crafting is a stress reliever  and keeping mentally stimulated can help you cognitively?  So, there is a lot of benefits to doing different types of crafts! When I started my Etsy shop, I was creating things with loom knitting, and there are lots of great things about it!

Loom knitting is a craft that uses a multi-peg board and a stylus that looks like an angled hook, or a dental hook, like so:

And looms come in lots of different shapes, materials, and sizes to allow for a wide variety of projects to be made! There are looms that are round, others that are rectangular, sock looms, and afghan looms! You can make everything from preemie baby hats to large afghans and everywhere in between!

I personally really like the deceiving simplicity of it. I call it “deceiving” simply because it looks like a really simple tool set, but you can also create all kinds of designs with them! With looming, you can have wide open stitching with e-wraps, you can create knit and purl stitches, and the combinations therein! So you like the stockinette stitch? You can create that with a loom! Want to add cables to a project? You can still do those as well! You have lots of options with loom knitting, and one of the cool perks that I enjoy is that the sizes are a bit more standardized depending on the size loom you’re using!

Have you ever had the problem where you were planning out a hat and thought that it would fit, only to have the heartbreak of discovering that it was too big or too small?

How you feel when your hat is too small

I’ve had that happen with some requests for friends where I underestimated the size and there’s no way around it, you have to either undo the piece or redo it! If you have a loom, the varying number of pegs help to take some of the guesswork out of how many stitches or chains you need to cast on! Need a grown-up sized beanie? BAM! Grab a 36- or a 41-peg loom! A teenager? 36 pegs! Loom knitting really does help open you up to new and different crafting and pattern opportunities, which is why I think it is so cool! Loom knitting, for lack of a better phrase, was my gateway drug to crochet.


I was introduced to crochet through loom knitting because a lot of the patterns necessitated the use of a crochet hook for crochet cast-ons and creating clean lines for casting off, and they can also add some nice touches to the loom knit pieces. Also, while loom knitting can achieve a lot of effects, it was incredibly helpful to learn basic work in crochet, like chains! So it was a natural transition that I made into getting into crochet work. Crochet was an augmentation to the loom knitting projects, which gives you lots of types of projects to work on.


And you do NOT have to feel limited to making only hats! I have made boot cuffs, beanies, scarves, fingerless gloves, and iPad covers, along with other things. I hope to share those ideas with you as I create patterns, and give you other wonderful resources that have really been helpful to me on my creative adventure!


So, welcome to a new craft adventure if you are new to loom knitting or are a seasoned loom knitter looking for other sources of inspiration! I’m here to learn new things and look forward to embarking on this with you all!






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  1. On your loom pumpkin do you use one strand of yarn or two?? Do you use 3/8 gauge loom or different gauge?? Thanks!!

    1. Hello! Depending on the weight of the yarn, one or two strands: If you’re using a lower weight yarn, I would suggested doubling up otherwise your stuffing may peek through. For the orange yarn in these pumpkins, I used Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in the color “Pumpkin” and it is a 6 on the weight scale, my apologies for not including that. For the gauge of the loom, I tried to reference the chart provided by Good Knit Kisses and I believe it is 5/8″. The brand of looms that I own are Loops & Threads which I purchased at my local Michaels. Hope this helps!

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