Hello, I’m so glad you’re here! And I’m glad to be here!

My name is Gilliane and I’m a crochet and loom knitwear designer! I’ll be here, sharing my ideas, patterns, and inspiration for crafting, crocheting, and loom knitting! I appreciate the new challenges that every project has to offer and want to share the adventure with you, the reader! I have been loom knitting for nearly 4 years, crocheting for a year and a half and, while I still have a lot to learn, I also have a lot to share!

I take lots of dorky pictures, but this is what I look like


I started loom knitting as a stress reliever and compiled a lot of projects that I didn’t know what to do with, so I launched an Etsy in October 2013 to make a go of online selling!

I developed it into my microbusiness, friends began requesting items for the holidays, and I started attending craft fairs! The craft fair attendance has been quite a learning experience, which I will post more about, don’t worry! But there is definitely a learning curve, and I’m still learning.

My crafting brings all the boys to the yard


My desire to learn crochet came from something simple: I wanted to make a bikini top. So I went to the place everyone goes to for information: The library. Google.
And on Google, I found lots of information I hadn’t really looked for before, and developed a new craft love! Some of my early projects were incredibly ambitious for a beginner: this American flag afghan

I got daunted by the piece and didn’t complete it for over a year, so the row endings are off, but the stars are perfect


and crocheting this costume piece for a cosplay I had planned for San Diego Comic Con.

I was so proud of this costume! I cosplayed as Linkle from the Legend of Zelda franchise


I believe that crafting is an ongoing endeavor and you always learning new things, new techniques and patterns. The great thing is that new challenges might sound daunting at first, but don’t compare to the sense of accomplishment you feel when you bind off that project! I’m here for the adventure and the experience, and hope you will join me.



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